Elder Law in Manassas

Crisis planning to protect your assets

von Keller Law provides elder law counsel and representation for our clients.  Our firm understands how hard you have worked in your life to build your estate and commits to legal services that help you protect your property.

Not everyone has the luxury of having enough time and resources to plan before they are faced with challenging circumstances.  Turn to our firm with your elder law crisis and expect patient and resourceful guidance from experienced and caring attorneys.

Long-term care planning in Manassas

Your health and comfort are of paramount importance to our firm and are the focus of our long-term care planning services.  We help you consider what options are available and what might be the best choice to support your needs.

We examine a number of factors when developing a long-term care plan:

  • Type of care needed
    • Self-sufficient living
    • Assisted living
    • Nursing home care
    • Extended care
  • Health insurance resources
    • Private insurance
    • Medicaid or Medicare
  • Financial resources
    • Retirement funds & pensions
    • Real property
    • Financial property: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

We work with individuals, couples, and their younger children to preemptively develop a strategy to manage your assets. Working together with clients gives our attorneys the chance to get to know your values and specific medical and financial needs.  That way, we can formulate a complex and detailed long-term care plan that is geared toward meeting your goals and protecting your beneficiaries.

Contact our firm for advice and help setting up the right long-term care plan for you or your loved ones.

Guardianships in Northern Virginia

Not every family agrees on how the assets and medical care of their dearest loved ones should be managed in the event of incapacity.  When advanced directives and powers of attorney have not been established, siblings, spouses, and children have to decide among themselves who has rights to make those important decisions.

We represent people in contested and uncontested guardianship proceedings in the state of Virginia.  A contested proceeding can be a very difficult dispute charged with emotional grievances.  We stand by our clients during this challenging time and help them return their energy to the legal matters at hand.

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