Manassas Juvenile Law & Prince William County Special Education

VON KELLER LAW handles certain legal concerns involving minor children that do not fall under the traditional umbrella of family law. These matters affect families and the relationships family members have with each other. They also can impact peer relationships and the larger community. Our attorneys are experienced in the areas of Juvenile Law and Special Education.

Juvenile cases in Manassas

Mr. von Keller represents minor children who are facing criminal charges in the juvenile justice system. In defending these charges, he litigates to reach a minimal sentence with the least impact on the child's long-term record. Mr. von Keller also represents families with children who have been suspended or expelled from the public school system. In handling these cases, he protects the child's rights and seeks workable alternative solutions, both in pre-hearing meetings and at administrative hearings.

Special education advocacy in Prince William County

Mrs. von Keller advocate on behalf of children with special needs. They help families assert and protect their children's rights to receive an education in a safe environment and in a manner that supports specific disabilities. They seek to resolve special education disputes within a non-adversarial setting, but when necessary, they argue to make these children's voices heard in legal proceedings. Mrs. von Keller also help clients prepare for the time when their special needs children will become legal adults.

The attorneys at VON KELLER LAW understand these unique areas of law and the sensitive issues they entail.

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